KB 928336 .Net Hotfix Problem Solved!!!

The past few days of my study leave were ruined by well infamous KB 928336 (Net framework 1.1 security update for framework service pack 1). As we all know From july 2007, This update didnt install in most of the xp workstations in the automatic updates! the result is the yellow balloon that will come and each time it will try to install when shutting down!! It leads to nothing but failing of update! All other updates Seem to work!

How to solve?

1) Download the script package

and extract it into a folder of your choice. The path can contain spaces but no special characters such as exclamation marks.
2) Read readme.txt if it’s your first time
3) Download the .NET installer(s) you wish to have processed into the folder you created:
.NET 1.1
language pack for .NET 1.1 in your language
.NET 2.0 (must be renamed to dotnetfx2.exe)
language pack for .NET 2.0 in your language (must be renamed to langpack2.exe)
.NET 3.0 (full redist called dotnetfx3.exe with a size of 50MB)
language pack for .NET 3.0 in your language (must be renamed to langpack3.exe)
XPS update for .NET 3.0 and .NET 3.0 language pack
– if including .NET 3.0, optionally include msxml6_x86.msi (msxml6-KB*.exe is also accepted)
4) Optionally, edit _SNM.ini (the answer file) to your needs
5) Run the script by double-clicking SNM.cmd from within a Windows account with administrative privileges

This is an integrating tool that integrates (frame work 1,2,3 with latest updates to a single package the 2,3 are optional we can do with 1.1 and its updates).

Then uninstall the previous version of framework V1.1.!!!!!!

If the installer gives error 2908 then move mscoree.dll from system32 during installation and place it back to syste32 after installation!!!!!

One comment on “KB 928336 .Net Hotfix Problem Solved!!!

  1. James Tse says:

    Hi. It is really a great method to solve the KB928336 .Net Hotfix Problem. No method found on the web really works except yours. However, the link to your “the script package” seems failed. Would your please tell me how could I download it?
    Many many thanks.

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