Old School

Old schhol

Hey, everybody, let’s go streaking with Will Ferrell!

A rarity these days: a comedy with a decent number of laughs.

Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell, and Vince Vaughn are thirty-something guys with ordinary lives who decide to start their own fraternity so they can re-experience their college days. Of course, all they really want is a good time; although some of their group are genuine students, some have obviously been out of school for a LONG time!

Good and raunchy without being overtly outrageous, this comedy actually made me laugh. It really, really did. Although reminiscent of “National Lampoon’s Animal House” to a degree, it doesn’t feel like a ripoff but a pleasant homage. High marks for the amiable comic cast, especially the always funny Will Ferrell.

A good sophomore effort for Todd Phillips, whose first fiction film was “Road Trip.” One of the stars of that film, Seann William “Stifler” Scott, has a cameo here. And late night talk show host Craig Kilborn is very appropriately cast as a smug, smarmy womanizer.

Better than other comedies I’ve seen lately. I gave it seven out of ten.

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