11 comments on “[SOLVED]Safely Remove an external hard disk/USB Thumb drive in Vista

  1. sekharpadikkal says:

    First do the sdparm thing then the safely remove!! Not the other way around boss!!

  2. anonymous says:

    Phillips 160GB hd. Vista did not turn off led after “safely remove”ing it from my system, and as soon as I removed the USB cable I heard that nasty noise.
    You have to run that command in elevated command prompt otherwise sdparm does not see the drive.
    After stopping the hard disk, vista can’t safely remove the drive and thus complains that it can’t safely remove because the drive is powered off!
    Argh.! Why can’t they (Microsoft) solve such a simple thing!

  3. sekharpadikkal says:

    Even if safely remove is not working sdparm wouldve stopped the disk so can be unplugged directly…..

  4. sekharpadikkal says:

    update: just use sdparm and unlocker. dont do safely remove in vista. just

  5. edwinchung says:

    i can not download the sdparm.exe
    Do you have other link for me?
    or please upload yours file.

  6. w_m0zart says:

    sdparm.exe is now here:

    To spin down the hard disk with sdparm in windows, the device should be the Drive Letter. For example if k:\ is the root of your external drive, use:

    sdparm –command=stop k:

    However, this half of the story. After spinning down the drive, the ‘safely remove’ option in windows will spin up the drive again.
    The solution to ‘Unlock’ the drive as an anonymous user above says, is not clear to me.
    Once used the ‘safely remove’ option, the drive has no Drive Letter and sdparm will not work. Maybe the following command to retrieve a handle to the disk can be helpful:


    But what should be done the next step?

  7. vadim says:

    Thank you very much, the sdparm solution works great for me!

  8. totalrecall says:

    Can sdparm make sure all files that need to be written are written to hdd before remove?

  9. bfindarto says:

    how if i made partition on my external drive? should i repeat the sdparm for my other partition or just once. (Eg. i separate my drive into G, H, I) thx. please email ur suggestion to me also. indarto77@yahoo.com.


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