How do I fix audio sync in AVI file ?

Solution 1: using AVIMUX

Step 1. Download AviMUX: Click here to download AviMUX

Step 2. Unzip it into separate folder, and launch AVIMux_GUI.exe

Step 3. Load your avi file into Avi_mux (right-click -> add). Click on the avi file to select it.

Step 4. Click the “Generate Data Source From Files” button. Information about audio and video streams will appear in the bottom window.


Step 5. Click on the audio stream. Now, you must see “delay [ms]” showing on the right side of the window.


Step 6. Enter audio delay value, for example:

If you see in the movie that a person speaks, and you can hear the voice only several seconds later (Audio is after Video), then you must choose negative value (in milliseconds), for example:
-5000 = shift audio by 5 seconds before video

If you can hear the voice in the movie too early, and only after several seconds you can see & determine who has said that (Audio is before Video), then you must enter positive value (in milliseconds):
5000 = shift audio by 5 seconds after video

Step 7. Finally, click start button, choose output avi filename. DONE!

Solution 2 : Using VIRTUAL DUB

Step 1: Select video then select direct stream copy

Step 2: Select Audio the souce stream selected there also.

Step 3: Select interleaving in audio menu and do the following

Delay audio track by XY ms is what you’re looking for…


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