Dude where is the party?

Dude where is the party?

Excellent movie!

This movie is by far one of the best comedy I have seen in years! Oops i usually overrate the movies a lil bit.

It might contain some rather racist actions and comments towards Indians, but its more like racism you can laugh about rather than getting angry at. I wouldn’t call this an all racist movie because characters in this movie all had different personalities ranging from smart to stupid, ugly to nice,  which is basically found in every type of society.

In addition, Sunil Thakkar was a classic in this movie and really made the movie worthwhile! I couldn’t find a single scene by him that I didn’t laugh at! Kal penn did complete justice to his role. As i am not an american indian i couldnt comment on how they would have felt watching the movie!

Well done job for a well done movie!

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