Must Have or Essential Softwares for NSeries and other symbian phones!

To utilise our Nseries babe thses software are essentials

1)CorePlayer : I strongly support this player. This is the vlc for mobiles. Plays avi,divx,xvid,mp4,3gp,mpeg,wmv,flv “Youtube videos” and much more………

2) LCG XPLORE : An Extremely stable and reliable file explorer. It handles (both compressing and decompressing) rar and zip files.

3) Ultimate portable voice recorder : It is the ultimate call recorder “without beep”! It carries all the functionality of Built in voice recorder and but without the 5 second beep!

4) Symtorrent : A symbian version of bittorrent !! (if you ve unlimited connection plan)

5) Mobilesystems dictionary viewer(MSDICT) : A dictionary viewer that lets you view all dictionaries installed in your system!

6)MSDict Concise Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus : Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus for all your needs

7) Advanced Device Locks : We can lock (Password Protect) gallery, mediaplayer,messages and all other installed applications individually. A real Privacy Protector!

8)Kaspersky Antivirus : The best antivirus for mobile with antispam,antitheft,firewall and obviosly antivirus!(Less memory consuming).

9)Rotate me : Rotates your nseries screen to landscape mode from portrait!! Trust me landscape mode is awsome with abilty to browse and view docs more cleanly!

10) Quick Office 4.5 or 5 : The best office suite! The preinstalled one  in Nokia are useless!

11) Adobe reader 2.5 LE : A PDF Document Viewer ! The preinstalled one is useless!

12) Opera Mobile : A complete mobile browser supprting AJAX,javascripts etc.

13) TeaShark Browser: This java browser competes with symbian browsers! It renders the pages in same way as of a desktop! It uses webkit like apple safari browser….. Teashark paases the pages throgh a separate server and compresses the pages to reduce bandwith costs and to increase speed!

14) Scribe : Scribe™ is a mobile publishing application for bloggers, and is currently available in beta for Symbian 3rd Edition devices.

15)Active File: A simple and good looking file explorer! But i prefer XPLORE!

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5 comments on “Must Have or Essential Softwares for NSeries and other symbian phones!

  1. paul says:

    nice blog……….

    check these softwares tooo fro N73

    Flash Player 3.x Developer edition
    Media Safe (encryptn/decrpn of files)
    Putty ( for connecting to remote pcs)
    PyUnix (a small unix in N73)
    FullScreen Caller
    S60SpotOn (N73 as a Torch)
    LCG Jukebox (audio player with lyrics n album art support)
    GoTalkMobile (Gmail Chat on N73)

  2. paul says:

    Mobiola ( N73 as WebCam)

  3. sekharpadikkal says:

    will defenitely try those and review those after the exam~!!!

  4. sekharpadikkal says:

    Sir did turning of the equilizer stopped sound grains in coreplayer?

  5. sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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