TUTORIAL: For getting better and boosted sound for Movies without distortion (Make Laptops Louder)!!!!

The Good:

1) Better Loud non distorted movie playback sound experiece in you laptop

2) Not amplyfing everything to avoid distortion

3) better sound like you here the songs in your laptops

The Bad :


TUTORIAL: Make movies Louder (songs arealready loud in windows media player)

1) Download and install Zoomplayer

2) Download and Install ffdshow decoder

3) In advanced settings in smartplay in audio and video decoders configure aac,ac3,lpcm,dts,dts in container and mp3 to ffdshow audio decoder

4)while playing a video fdshow audio icon appears in taskbar configure it as follows

5) In the volume tab enable volume and enable normalisation in it make Max amplification to 250%

(the max amplification value you may change it from 200 to 350 based on the sound of movies)

6)Enable Mixer and in mixer enable normalisation matrixand select the output speaker configaration correctly 2/0/2 quadro for lenovo y510/530

7)enable resample then in resample  enable resample to 48000 hz,liavcodec high quality, if lower than

8)In zoom player enable equalizer make preamp the first one a little higher( little means first possible step only in mp3 encoded movies and further more in ac3 encoded movies)

Thank you……………..

For decoding divx,xvid etc ffdshow video decoder is better if you care about quality ou can enable it in smartplay tab


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