Save BandWidth in BSNL Dataone Connection and other limited connection

This article applies to BSNL dataone limited plans and all other plans where the amount of data you use count to the bill. This also Increases the speed of browsing of extremely low bandwidth connection like mobile internet/dial up !!

I think The simple solution is to browse through



No tweaking of browser is needed it is the best simple way. These applies to the situation where we only need Text rather than photos or ther active contents ..

Normally when we browse you can use up to 40mb +/ hour if the website has lot of flashed and pics.

Why should we waste this if you are only looking for text!!

By using finch/loband  its like 20 mb / day.. hee hee

For example, the New York Times homepage is over  1.4MB. Finch trims that down to 84KB, which doesn’t look as pretty, but is 94% less for your computer to download. Save bandwidth guyssssss!!

Like Finch loband also reduces (trims ) webpages.

Finch also has a proxy service that loband doesnt have.

There are some other features  about loband making it my favorite,

To experience it use Loband for 15 mins and decide…….

From  personal experiance both are fine services.[edited]

today i browsed 1 hour through loband to get an experience,it changed my opnionion about loband

I am suggesting loband for all your slow speed net/expensive bit counting Surfings!!!!

@alan jackson for givin some info!

8 comments on “Save BandWidth in BSNL Dataone Connection and other limited connection

  1. Alan Jackson says:

    Hi, I’m from Aptivate, the organisation that wrote Loband. I’m glad you find it useful. We wrote Loband to help people with slow or expensive Internet connections.

    You said you prefer Finch because of it the way it formats the page. We’re always interested in ways to improve Loband.

    Could you give me some examples of how Finch is better and maybe we can look at trying to improve the formatting in Loband.


  2. sekharpadikkal says:

    @ alan jackson
    both loband (yours) and Fynch is good .

    The right click to show image function of loband is very good.

    Functionally Loband is better than Fynch..

    But i prefer Loband to have “”Larger Fonts Like fynch””

  3. Alan Jackson says:


    Loband will just pass on text as normal 100% size. You can set the size of 100% text in your browser, for instance in firefox under the view menu you can set the text size or use ctrl+ to increase the text size.

    For a while you used to see some websites that had three “A”‘s in the top right corner for selecting smaller and bigger font sizes. The UK government websites used to do that. But if you look at their accessibility statement now they tell you how to change the text size in the browser instead:

    In the early days we took a lot of inspiration from the BETSIE text-only service of the BBC. The purpose of that service is to help accessibility for visually impaired users. Current thinking is that if you write a website properly the user can use Text-to-Speech on the site or increase the font size in the browser or even apply their own custom CSS file. But BETSIE still works – here you can see it working on the world service site:

    If you look at the bottom of the page you can see that BETSIE has a link to let you change things like the colour and font-size, which takes you here:

    We never thought about Loband as an accessibility service for the visually impaired, we’ve always targeted it at the low-bandwidth issue. But if there is a big call for it to do both we could look at that issue.

    We’ve been thinking of introducing some level of personalisation for the next release of Loband – so you can set the level of simplification for each website and that is just for you. We could add things like text size in there as well. All of that would be a lot of work… so if anyone out there is into Java coding and wants to lend a hand, get in touch!

  4. sekharpadikkal says:

    Thanks alan for giving me additional info.. Howz your para gliding lessons?>

  5. Kellen says:

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  6. amlan says:

    I have written a post at my blog.All can look at that.

  7. Randell Arga says:

    I’ve been using loband for my phone and it is really functional. Only that i cant view wml sites. I would try finch maybe it function quite good also 🙂

  8. btgeorge says:

    ADL Autologin is designed for Asianet Dataline users, especially those on Limited Data Packages.

    It has been a frequent problem to keep manually logging in with your Username and Password each time you want to browse the Internet.

    Sometimes you may want to Login to ADL as soon as the computer is booted up.

    Other times you may want to login or logout at specific times. Especially those on the very popular HOMENET475 package get free browsing from 2:00 AM to 8:00 AM. It is quite a chore to keep awake and to download what you need at 2:00 in the morning all the time. Methods are available but are cumbersome for those with little programming experience.

    Also, there is no fast way to find out how much of your monthly quota of Data you have used. You have to make a separate login and then only you can find out your total usage. Sometimes you exceed the allotted limits because you failed to notice that you overstepped the limits. And then you have to pay excess charges at very high rates!

    Now ADL AutoLogin is here to rescue you from all these problems.

    Download at:

    Don’t forget to leave your feedback.

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