Will Avatar Gross 3 Billion?

UPDATE : Avatar outgrossed titanic on january 25 2010.

UPDATE : Avatar will finish around $2.8 billion like titanic finished at $1.8 without touching 2 billion !

So tell me which is the highest grossing movie of all time answer is “avatar”.

The movie is by far the best movie i have seen in 30 years (Iam 23 years old okay).. It raised the bar in film making! A true visual treat.

The previous generation says this kind of feeling was there for them for the star wars series. The movie is grossing at a fast pace. Even the 2D version is very well received in the theaters.  But lemme tell you one thing if you are watching avatar it should be in 3D. That is when the movie becomes real! Yes you are in pandora!!!

Using the stereoscopic 3d camera for all the scenes you are virtually, sorry actually there.

Avatar is the first movie to gross $1 Billion worldwide  in 17 days! Titanic took 5 months to reach there!

I would say avatar will soon outgross Titanic’s $1.8 billion soon and reach $2 billion mark! (That did happen)

And i think it will collect few more “billions” before ending its theatrical run! May be a $3 billion

$2.8 billion from theatrical run and another 500 million fron home video (3D). So to sum up

$ 3.5 Billion From Theatrical Run (If re-released) + $500 Million From Home Video(Blu-ray & DVD) + Satellite rights  =Total revenue from the movie production =More than  $4 Billion…

Hello i am talking about a movie!!

So for creating a record or to reach $3 billion the only option is to re-release avatar in the summer as previously planned!

How and Why?

1)Superb visual treat.

2)3D experience.

3)People watching again and again in the theaters itself.

4)And as it has to be seen in theaters i dont think the piracy or the scene world will affect avatar at all!!!!!!

As Bluray 3D specification is finalized and when Avatar hits the shelves in 3D bluray disks that is when 3D comes to home entertainment! And what will be the revenue for it!!

Those who have seen only in 2D one word for you “watch it in 3D” it has to be seen to believe.

One comment on “Will Avatar Gross 3 Billion?

  1. ahmad says:

    it will get 1.9 nex week

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