FIX Washed Out Colors or Black Levels in Windows Media Center

Tired of washed out colors or poor black levels in windows media center?

This happens mainly because Windows Media Center might work in Luminanace Level of 16-235 ( TV LEVELS) instead of 0-255(PC LEVELS). Usually videos are stored in 16-235 YCbCr and is played back at 0-255 RGB so expansion is needed at some point.

FIX 1 :

1) Open regedit


3) Add key “debug”.

4) Under debug add key “ehPresenter.dll”.

5) In that key add 32 bit DWORD – “NominalRange”. Set the value to 1.

This will expand all content in media center to 0-255. Should fix your level issues.
FIX 2: (only if you have nvidia graphics card)

1) Goto Nvidia Control panel

2) In Nvidia Control Panel select adjust video color settings

3) In How do you make color adjustments? Select with Nvidia settings.

4) Select advanced of Nvidia video settings

5)Select FULL(0-255) in dynamic range.

To sum up do as shown in the screenshot.

NOTE: This will apply to all other players. And also will fix color issues with VLC player etc.

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