Wes Anderson’s The The Darjeeling Limited

Well i should like this movie coz its wes anderson’s. Comparing to other works of Wes anderson like Rushmore,The royal Tenenbaums this movie shows his movie making skills. Like the royal tenenbaums this movie is a dramedy. Acting of Owen wilson,Adrien Brody,Jason Schwartzman should receive appreciation. The movie is shot in India, specifically areas of Rajasthan. I would say this movie will satisfy wes anderson fans! For others also this is a good flick. But this movie entertain wes anderson fans more than others. Those who are onto action movies or pure slapstick comedies should stay away from this film.The story revolves around three brothers who don’t trust each other haven’t met since their father’s death.And their spiritual journey planned by elder bro (owen) actully to meet their mom in India. And there is no need to give a spoiler alert. These king of movie dont get spoiled by telling its story its actually the way its presented makes us sit in from of the screen.

Before watching the feature film Darjleeng Limited ou should see Hotel Chevalier which is actually a short film and will give an intro and mood for the film!

My rating for this movie is 6/10.

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