[Solved] Turbo C++ high CPU usage !

An introduction to the situation:-

It is pathetic to hear that Turbo C++ are still used in schools for teaching C,C++. It is a disturbing fact that this turbo c++ Version 3.0/3.1 that is commonly used is older than the students who are using it!!

Since Turbo c++ is a DOS based compiler when you are running it on windows xp,vista or 7 which is  32bit (in 64 bit they removed support for 16bit applications) will run ntvdm.exe which is nothing but an emulator for running 16 bit application and here it is our old school turbo c++. This ntvdm.exe spikes up the cpu usage with its poor emulation and uses nearly 100% cpu on single core processors and 50% on dual core processors leaving nothing for multitasking.

Benefits of the method shown below

1) CPU usage will be very low and you can multitask.

2) 64bit windows dropped the support for 16 bit applications and you can use DosBox and follow the method below and use turbo c++ and other 16 bit applications and games on your 64bit xp,vista,7.

3)This is not just for turboC++ and follow the below method for any 16bit applications and games.

So here is the solution..

1) Download and Install Latest version of Dosbox from http://www.dosbox.com/

2) Edit Configuration file of DosBox (it is there in the start menu)

3) To auto mount your turboc++ that is to make turboc++ run every time you click on Dosbox shortcut on the desktop

Add as shown in the screenshot in the config file.

Where d:\Turboc\ is the directory where Turbo c++ is installed.

4. For Reducing the cpu usage (optimum usage), we emulate a  cpu with 6mhz clock speed which is sufficient for turbo c++

for that do as shown in the screen shot below.

5. Also do the following settings in dosbox config file for optimum usage like working of aero in windows 7,vista. Better windows size, rendering etc.


7 comments on “[Solved] Turbo C++ high CPU usage !

  1. Mukesh says:

    Thank you for your response. This was really helpful.

  2. Ashley says:

    thank you so much sekhar…this really helped me…but in dosbox cant i maximize the window or use in full window??

  3. sakthi says:

    thank u so much friend……

  4. gwaps says:

    thanks bro

  5. msk says:

    thanks buddyyy…..

  6. Hey Sekhar,
    Thanks for the settings. I have applied many settings but yours is the best one(for cpu usage).
    But I have one suggestion for you i.e. fullscreen & fulldouble should be true and window resolution depends on the screen size of the user, it is not 1024X768 all the time, but it depends on your recommended screen resolution.
    Thank you.

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