[Solved] Videos Stuttering in media players with Firefox 4.0 Hardware Acceleration enabled!

Firefox 4.0 just introduced the Direct2d/Directwrite/Direct3d10 composting aka hardware acceleration for the browser, But what happens after browsing for an hour or so with 30+ tabs open like me (sorry i am a tabber) the vram (Graphics card dedicated memory) is getting used up completely by our beloved firefox. But even if you close the tabs you wont recover it back…

this lack of memory makes the video stutter especially with  DXVA.

So to flush the gpu memory out :

1) just open an HD video file with Windows media player 12 & close it

(This just freed/flushed out the firefox from  GPU memory)

2) Now open your Video with your favorite mediaplayer (Arcsoft TMT3+/MPCHC/VLC) & Enjoy smooth fluid video playback…

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Happy Computing>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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