Windows 8… Do you still care? Yes… I do…

Windows 8… Do you still care? Yes… I do…
When someone asked Steve balmer what is the biggest risk that microsoft is going to take.. He said the next version of windows.. Windows 8 brings the biggest change in the user interface of windows since windows 95. But the biggest risk involved in that is that “people resist change”.and that is human nature.
Windows Everywhere…
In the windows 8 keynote… there was a strong emphasis on windows everywhere on all form factors. This is a bold move to bring one os to all the devices around you. The reception to this statement was somewhat mixed. Windows 8 Touch UI is praised for its tile interface, gesture features and touch first approach to the most widely used OS in the world, but that was only for the touch based devices.
What about the traditional desktop do we need the touch ui? What about tablets do we need the traditional desktop ui? 
Isnt it awkward leaning towards  monitor of your desktop for the touch XPerience provided you’ve got a touch lcd panel?
But here is my take on the above skeptic questions… The OS UI change will bring out the innovations that are hiding somewhere in the labs of the hardware manufacturers.. You will see a tilted screen full touch in front of you with the onscreen keyboard.. Dont think of traditional desktops.. We will see new devices, new form factors and this OS will drive innovations.
One Big Ecosystem!
In Desktops/Laptops we have huge windows ecosystem, a small linux ecosystem ( Oh my god its too fragmented with flavours) , and apple in between.
In the smartphone arena we have a huge android ecosystem, huge ios ecosystem,a budding Windows phone 7 ecosystem & dying mammoth symbian and many more like meego that is in the verge of an abortion , & the Blackberry OS.
In Tablets we have huge ios ecosystem. Andoid for tablets are not going any where till now.
Windows 8 plans to bring 1 big ecosystem in all form factors. Microsoft plans to attack from the top (Desk/Lap tops) to the bottom tablets/smartphone and google/apple will/are attacking the top segment. We will see more unification in the smart phone os in the next iteration of the windows phone.
Windows 8… Do you still care? Yes… I do…

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