Unassociate File Type in Windows!

For whatever reason if you feel that you need to unassociate or remove the file type association to a program there is a way.

The best way to do it is this without downloading anything:

1) Open up notepad. Type something like “to remove” .

2) Save as, to_remove.exe. File type should be .exe

Note : Please check that you saved it as to_remove.exe & not to_remove.exe.txt . To see there is a double extention or not please uncheck ” Hide extentions of known file types in Organize –> Folder & Search Options –>

3) Right click on the file with that file type you want to unassociate and click Open With –> Choose default program

Browse to “to_remove.exe”  and click “always use the selected program” and click ok.

4) Delete “to_remove.exe”. Not you have unassociated that file type.

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