14 Days With The Nokia Lumia 920 ….

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Here it is.. handset that raised the bar of the perception of a smartphone. Whenever Nokia introduced a flagship, it has always excelled  in one way or another. When we talk about the flagships the heritage falls through Nokia 3650 to 6600 to n95 to n8 to lumia 920. Who would have thought a company who manufactured paper pulp went on to make technological disruptions and sculpt most of the wireless telecommunication technologies we have today. So a comeback is warranted.

Thanks to Nokia MEA (Nokia Connects)  for providing me the handset for reviewing.

lumia edit

When i unboxed the phone and started using it, the first person that came to my mind was Marco Ahtisari, his design principles, his vision is right there in the product. The poly-carbonate uni-body design made its first appearance as Nokia N9,  Now i would say Nokia Lumia 920 is the refined version of this design.

Marko Ahtisari, Nokia’s head of design giving personality to the lumia 920.

(Trivia: Marko is the Son of Martti Ahtisari,Nobel peace price winner and Former President of Finland)



A marvelous piece of engineering achievement.  The curved glass flows into the body. Colored poly-carbonate  shell comes in matte finish (black,cyan,grey) and glossy ( red,yellow,white). I personally have an affinity towards matte finish as it adds more class to the device.

The amazing everyday....

The amazing everyday….



Polycarb unibody.... Built like a tank...

poly-carbonate uni-body…. built like a tank…


Using the Nokia Lumia 920 :

The colors runs through the whole shell. So if you scratch the red phone the red color is what that will appear from underneath. This does matter as the phone will continue to look good after considerable use.

The Handset is little bit on the heavier side at 185 grams. For me the added weight is a blessing in disguise, i have a habit of checking my pockets to find all is there several times in a day. With the weight the handset is giving its attendance to me always.


One of the best in the market today and the best in many ways as detailed below.

Puremotion HD+ : More response time so now the windows phone fluid ui will be so fluid when you flick through the menus.

Clear Black Display : Awesome outdoor (noon sun over the head) visibility. Really good contrast ratio , the colors pops out to you.

Camera, the pureview magic :

Pureview is the innovations that Nokia makes in the imaging technology incorporated in its smartphones. Previously they tackled loss-less zoom by putting a humongous 41 megapixel 1/1.2″ sensor on its Nokia 808 Pureview. That time we associated pureview with that particular sensor.

Optical Image Stabilization :

Optical image stabilization of stills and videos.A feature till date found in only digital cameras is now in smartphones too (Update now HTC One features OIS too).  OIS in turn enables improvement in low light photos as it makes way for the possibility of taking photos with low shutter speed blur free.


The graph above is Nokia’s way of plotting Image sharpness to the shutter speed with OIS on and OIS off States.

Other factor that leads to the awesome low light performance of the phone is the Aperture of f2.0 (carl zeiss optics).

OIS on Videos is a gem, Video is so much stabilized , that it seems weird now when comparing with video captured on other phones (without OIS)

OIS Sample Video :

Multi-Aspect Sensor:

This is something that is not comes under pureview branding but worth mentioning.

920 pv

At the time of writing the only devices (including Dslr, P&S and smartphones) only Nokia (smartphone) and Panasonic Lumix (P&S/Bridge) have embraced multi aspect sensor. All other cameras crop the image from their full real estate of the sensor to get the desired aspect ratio. In Lumia you are getting true 16:9 that is actually wider than 4:3 picture.

Total used sensor area : 3552×2448 = 8.7MP
4:3 mode : 3264×2448 = 8MP
16:9 mode : 3552×1998 = 7.1MP

About the dilemma of choosing the aspect ratio, in the land non multi aspect sensors my rule is to take photos in the maximum resolution / using maximum area on the sensor. So in a DSLR take in 3:2. in a point and shoot take in 4:3 and crop according to your needs in post processing. So if you crop a 4:3 image to 16:9 you will loose approximately 25% of the original resolution. While in the case of multi aspect sensor by Nokia you will lose only 11% of the resolution. We can say Nokia image sensor is b0th natively 16:9 and 4:3 at the same time. When taking  4:3 pictures it uses the full vertical resolution (height) of the sensor and while taking 16:9 pictures it uses the full horizontal resolution (width) of the 8.7 Megapixel sensor.

What I choose is I use 16:9 for landscape for the obvious reason of widespread adoption of widescreen displays we have and 4:3 for portrait as 16:9 feels very narrow. Well at last it turns into your personal choice.

Photos from the pureview :

Here are some sample pictures that came from Lumia 920 under different conditions. Please Note that the photos are untouched.Click the photos to view in full size.

View from the breakwaters

View from the breakwaters…




Ocean blue…











Flare art !

Flare art !

@ night

@ night

Night Snap...

Night Snap…
















Beautiful Skyline...

Beautiful Skyline…

Ocean Blue...

Ocean Blue…


The fountain..

The fountain…

Video from the pureview :

Here are some Video Samples that came from Lumia 920 under different conditions.

Video is untouched (Loss less joining done – Consider YouTube compression).Please watch in 1080p.


Operating System and the software features:

Exactly 2 years back Nokia placed its bet completely on Windows phone ecosystem. Consistently backing the ecosystem during the hard times, saying there is no plan B , plan B is to make the plan A successful.

When Nokia backed the ecosystem , it was not a halfhearted approach that other OEMs showed to windows phone. We saw that in the form of high quality apps released by Nokia  utilizing the strength the have. The services arena.

Apps like Here Maps,City Lens,Transit,Drive,Music

Lenses like Cinemagraph,Panorama,Smartshoot

and even apps that are born out of partnerships like Burton….

All these make experience on the lumia so much better and once again proves how Nokia is committed to the ecosystem.

As all these are software / OS Features , there will be continues evolution of both as they are updated. These information may not be reflected in the review.

Nokia Apps That make the experience so much special :

Nokia’s core strength in the services arena lies in their location based services. Nokia bought Navteq for a whooping $8.1 Billion in 2007  (with so many models sell like hot cakes at that time h/w sales was the cash cow for Nokia). Navteq Is a major player in providing maps for automobiles for GPS navigation systems. They have around 85% market share. This strength makes Nokia Lumia’s Location based apps pure gems.

Nokia Music :

The best app to discover music. It opens door to music through handpicked playlists. A music lover will cherish…

Nokia Music

City Lens:

Literally taking navigation to the whole new perspective.. City Lens Overlays information about shopping, restaurants etc in a cool augmented reality manner.

City lens



Drive,the best navigation experience ever.That too completely offline.Bandwidth Saved.


Spec Sheet: (Source : Wikipedia)

Specs are just numbers , as i believe in the experience it provides.

Nokia Lumia 920
Manufacturer Nokia
Slogan “The world’s most innovative smartphone”
Series Lumia
Compatible networks GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
HSPA 850/900/1700/1900/2100
LTE 700/1700/2100 (except non-LTE model)
First released November 2, 2012
Dimensions 130.3 mm (5.13 in) H
70.8 mm (2.79 in) W
10.7 mm (0.42 in) D
Weight 185 g (6.5 oz)
Operating system Windows Phone 8
SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 MSM8960
CPU 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm Krait
GPU Qualcomm Adreno 225 (920)
Memory 1 GB RAM
Storage 32 GB internal flash
Removable storage No memory card slot
Battery Rechargeable BP-4GW 2000 mAh Lithium polymer batteryQi inductive charging (Wireless Charging)
Data inputs Multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, gyroscope,magnetometer, 3-axis accelerometer
Display 114 mm (4.5″) IPS LCD WXGA capacitive touchscreen with high sensitivity touch,
1280 × 768 pixels at 332 ppi,
Refresh rate 60 Hz,
Polarization filter (Clear Black Display),
Curved glass,
RGB Stripe,
Luminance 600 nits,
Aspect ratio 15:9,
Gorilla Glass 2
Rear camera 8.7 megapixel PureView with Optical image stabilization,
3264 × 2448 pixels, f/2.0,
Short Pulse High Power Dual-LED flash,
autofocusCarl Zeiss optics,
1080p video capture
Front camera 1.3 megapixel, 1280 × 1024 pixels720pvideo capture
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0,
Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/nNFCmicroUSB v2.0GPS with A-GPS & GLONASS
Other Talk time: Up to 10 hours (9 hours for AT&T version)
Standby time: Up to 400 hours (approx. 16.7 days)
Website Nokia Lumia 920
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7 comments on “14 Days With The Nokia Lumia 920 ….

  1. Awesome bro!!!!!! Now that’s called a review!!! *_*

  2. Orlando Gomez says:

    Awesome review! It really highlighted all of the key components of the Lumia 920! I personally own the very same yellow lumia you reviewed and going from an Iphone to a Lumia let me tell you that it was totally worth it! From the hardware to the interface makes me say that personally its the best phone out there. Its just everything I need at the reach of my pocket!

  3. Vinicio Santana says:

    Very nice review. I have put my personal opinion about use Nokia Lumia 920. Here Drive is a very powerful solution, use it in my new city has safe my life couple of times and no data consumption. Camera is just amazing, I recorded couple of songs in “The Cure” concert in Mexico City, audio is stunning. Very good memories for a life 🙂

  4. Christian perez says:

    wow, I am very impressed, last weekend I went on a trip, the photos came out amazing and cool videos, comments from my friends an been, “took special times”, “have photos that nobody else got.”

  5. sekharpadikkal says:

    Thank you for encouraging comments…

  6. Jorge Alberto Murillo says:

    This was a Great review sekharpadikkal describing the key features of this wonderful phone and although the phone was released 7 months ago, is useful to know some other very interesting technical features I did not know like Multi Aspect sensor and a very good explanation about OIS technology. This is something that no other competitor smartphone has and add a high value to us lucky Lumia owners. In particular, I like how amazing pics can be taken at night and very low light, no match in this although daylight pics are not quite good as they are some slight blurred and lack of detail and I’m hopping that Nokia fix this on the upcoming Amber release.

    Is worth to notice how well Windows Phone has evolutionated when it appeared with Lumia 800. Now it has more customizable and is really a very stable, fast OS (nothing compared to Android or IOS). The dual core SnapDragon chip boost pretty well the OS although I don’t like the phone gets overheated when you’re using intensively but nothing that bothers me as long it does not burn or fire anything 🙂

    As I mentioned before, Windows Phone has been evolved nicely and I have to admit that I was very scheptical when knew that Nokia bet all its cards to MS and made its main partner. Apps in Market Place although there not 800000 (who needs them all?) as in other platforms, there are the ones needed and in my opinion, what it counts is quality not numbers, also, you have the advantage to know that every app is thoroughly checked before released on MP (you read this Androids?) but as MS continue improving its OS, we will have more and more great quality apps!!

    Something really great for Lumia is that is the only smartphone to have really excellent mapping applications made by HERE, with no match on quality maps out there and I have to say that Google Maps are not so bad, but they lack of the expertise and quality of HERE maps.

    Im very happy with my red Lumia and I will be tell everybody to use or buy this gorgeous phone.

    Overall I can say that Nokia + Windows Phone + HERE made the best smartphone in the world, period.

    I work on Nokia as a Technical Support under HERE division and what I commented above is my very personal opinion.

    • sekharpadikkal says:

      @Jorge Thank you so much for your views.. PolyCarb gave a live feel being warm , but the phone was sometimes feverish specifically while skyping, but I felt that its just a matter of software optimization with proper hardware acceleration, snapdragon should stay within the temp range. At the time of the review Skype was in preview , so I didn’t include in my detailed review. In the latest update the day light images being soft is not much pronounced. But sometimes with the phone bumping up the iso in (low light) auto the street lights gets blown out while other areas are fairly lit. Correcting that requires a little bit of iso/EV adjustments. As Mr.Elop quoted the most important thing in photography is 12 inches behind the camera, that is us.

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