Facebook & skype a fair deal !

When Microsoft acquired skype i speculated (hmm not in the blogosphere but on the facebook wall) now we will see skype video in facebook!  I speculated Microsoft – Netfilx deal also and i am waiting for that. It is a fair deal for both facebook & microsoft. Microsoft is getting 750 + million ( 1 billion soon)  1/6th of the earth population to skype and facebook will be getting skype integration for free… The integration that would have costed them $8 billion…
Why i said this long before?
Mark usually take advices from Bill + Microsoft stake in facebook = facebook + skype
Reed Hastins relationship with microsoft + hastins is in the microsoft’s board + microsofts $42 billion in cash = Microsoft acquiring Netflix
So what is the future?
I believe that  Skype will unleash its full power in facebook soon with pc to phone (PSTN) inside facebook with integration with facebook phone book contacts and using facebook credits as recharges for skype.

Save BandWidth in BSNL Dataone Connection and other limited connection

This article applies to BSNL dataone limited plans and all other plans where the amount of data you use count to the bill. This also Increases the speed of browsing of extremely low bandwidth connection like mobile internet/dial up !!

I think The simple solution is to browse through

1) http://www.loband.org/loband/main

2) http://finch.ploogy.net/

No tweaking of browser is needed it is the best simple way. These applies to the situation where we only need Text rather than photos or ther active contents ..

Normally when we browse you can use up to 40mb +/ hour if the website has lot of flashed and pics.

Why should we waste this if you are only looking for text!!

By using finch/loband  its like 20 mb / day.. hee hee

For example, the New York Times homepage is over  1.4MB. Finch trims that down to 84KB, which doesn’t look as pretty, but is 94% less for your computer to download. Save bandwidth guyssssss!!

Like Finch loband also reduces (trims ) webpages.

Finch also has a proxy service that loband doesnt have.

There are some other features  about loband making it my favorite,

To experience it use Loband for 15 mins and decide…….

From  personal experiance both are fine services.[edited]

today i browsed 1 hour through loband to get an experience,it changed my opnionion about loband

I am suggesting loband for all your slow speed net/expensive bit counting Surfings!!!!

@alan jackson for givin some info!