Stop innovating on Water Damage Detection & make the phone water proof….

The tech world is crazy… It is insanely fast in innovation and extremely good at packing more and more transistors onto the silicon in the valley. Smartphone is one device that saw extreme progress in the last 10 years but they where busy bumping up the GHz,Megapixels,Resolution,Screen size,Memory… I recently read that Apple is working on improving the already existing water damage detection in iPhone to reduce false warranty claims by customers.. Pathetic…. This is something that global leaders like Apple,Nokia,Samsung,RIM,Sony Ericsson, Google (Motorola) should learn from the Japanese. Water proof devices are much common in Japanese market.Instead of innovating on Water Damage Detection they made hardware innovation and made devices that are water proof.

Thank god these weren’t the players in the watch (the time machine) business. Then we would still be wearing time machines that stops pumping out time during rain / or after a hand wash.

Fujitsu showcased an aquarium with water proof phones and tablets (arrow) in CES 2012.Others “should follow”.

Mobile Phones / to an extend tablets should be water/dust proof as they are always with you and humans go near water.

Please tell me honestly do you want a quad core or settle for dual core but water proof phone?..

Hate when we hear service guy say that “our ultra modern water detector detected water damage and so no warranty for you”. Also hate to hear that ooops phone cracked it cant survive 3 feet fall. Guys we need some serious hardware innovation here.

So why this rant? One of the global leaders  in smartphone business i mentioned above  denied warranty , they detected water damage that too within one week of the purchase….  The next time you go to the service center the customer should be in command even if the device is not working due to water damage..

Nokia OS Series 40 is not symbian…

I am writing this blog post as i have read many misleading blog posts/ video reviews  by tech bloggers considering Nokia S40 or series 40 as symbian devices or calling them simply symbian series 40 which is absolutely wrong.

What is Series 30,40,60,80 & 90?

Series 40 :

Series 40  Software platform is the application user interface on Nokia’s mid tier feature phones & its Luxury Vertu line of devices.It is the worlds most widely used software platform.  Series 40 is based on “Nokia OS” or officially known as ISA ( Intelligent System Architecture ) Platform. Series 40 supports only programs based on Java ME (micro edition ). Series 40 is also much simpler than the S60 counterpart which is based on the multitasking “Symbian OS”.

Nokia 6300, a series 40 phone

Series 30 :

Series 30  Software platform is the application user interface on Nokia’s entry level / no frills phones. Though series 30 phones are being phased out as most of the entry level phones from nokia are Series 40 devices.

Nokia 1600, a series 30 device :

Series 60 :

Nokia Series 60 is the software platform that runs on the multitasking symbian os. Though created by nokia S60 was used by different oems like Samsung,sony,LG.. The symbian 3 including Anna & Belle are improvements over “Symbian Series 60” platform.

Series 60 ui screenshot :

Series 80 :

Do you remember the Nokia communicator line of devices. Yes it was Series 80 but for the devices in the communicator line prior to E90 (it was s60).

Nokia 9200 Communicator , a series 80 device:

Series 80 was a short-lived mobile software platform for enterprise and professional level mobile phones made by Nokia. It uses the Symbian OS. Common physical properties to this Symbian OS user interface type is a screen resolution of 640×200 pixels and a full QWERTY keyboard.

Series 90 :

With series 90 Nokia released its first touch screen device It was Nokia 7710. This is the only device with series 90 released by Nokia.

N73 Music player Best settings!

N73 Me and N73 Is pathetic in Bass response compared to sony ericsson phones! Well tha best settings i feel is give below:

With Headsets :

1) Equilizer : Bass Booster

2) Audio Settings : “Stereo widening = ON” and “Loudness = ON”

With speakers : ( We are not supposed to expect bass response)

1) Equilizer : Rock

2) Audio Settings : “Stereo widening = OFF” and “Loudness = OFF”

This is the best Easy settings i feel ! You can share views tooo!!

In most songs if stereo widening and loudness is ON the treble produced by our beloved N73 is awful!

Must Have or Essential Softwares for NSeries and other symbian phones!

To utilise our Nseries babe thses software are essentials

1)CorePlayer : I strongly support this player. This is the vlc for mobiles. Plays avi,divx,xvid,mp4,3gp,mpeg,wmv,flv “Youtube videos” and much more………

2) LCG XPLORE : An Extremely stable and reliable file explorer. It handles (both compressing and decompressing) rar and zip files.

3) Ultimate portable voice recorder : It is the ultimate call recorder “without beep”! It carries all the functionality of Built in voice recorder and but without the 5 second beep!

4) Symtorrent : A symbian version of bittorrent !! (if you ve unlimited connection plan)

5) Mobilesystems dictionary viewer(MSDICT) : A dictionary viewer that lets you view all dictionaries installed in your system!

6)MSDict Concise Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus : Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus for all your needs

7) Advanced Device Locks : We can lock (Password Protect) gallery, mediaplayer,messages and all other installed applications individually. A real Privacy Protector!

8)Kaspersky Antivirus : The best antivirus for mobile with antispam,antitheft,firewall and obviosly antivirus!(Less memory consuming).

9)Rotate me : Rotates your nseries screen to landscape mode from portrait!! Trust me landscape mode is awsome with abilty to browse and view docs more cleanly!

10) Quick Office 4.5 or 5 : The best office suite! The preinstalled one  in Nokia are useless!

11) Adobe reader 2.5 LE : A PDF Document Viewer ! The preinstalled one is useless!

12) Opera Mobile : A complete mobile browser supprting AJAX,javascripts etc.

13) TeaShark Browser: This java browser competes with symbian browsers! It renders the pages in same way as of a desktop! It uses webkit like apple safari browser….. Teashark paases the pages throgh a separate server and compresses the pages to reduce bandwith costs and to increase speed!

14) Scribe : Scribe™ is a mobile publishing application for bloggers, and is currently available in beta for Symbian 3rd Edition devices.

15)Active File: A simple and good looking file explorer! But i prefer XPLORE!

Best Quality Video settings for Nokia N Series and Symbian Handsets!


For N73 users: If you just throw in 700mb files it may be chopy in fast sequences

for avoiding that download “avirecomb” and resize the video to 320×240 but with same size that is 700 mb! so in same bitrate. now we will get fluid motion! And this is the insane quality available for N73!

(The Whole procedure may apply to other phones tooo!!!)

Nokia Nseries can be used to watch movies too!! Especially Nokia N95 , Nokia N73 etc coz of their large screen!

Things you need :

1) Nokia Phone(lol)

2) Core player for mobile (Plays Mpeg,wmv,flv(youtube),avi,mp3….. hey its  a vlc player for mobile)

3) Smart Movie Converter

Here are the steps:

Note: For n95 and above and for n73 you can just throw in 700 mb avi file of movies to the core player installed in the mobile!  Core player will play the 700mb dvd rips in N95 and above smoothly and in N73 the play back is near fluid (Very much Watchable)!

The best Video Setting:

1) Open Smart movie Converter

2) Click Configure and select ffdshow video encoder

3) And in options set the following

ffdshow video encoder
Max keyframe interval 254
min keyframe 1
one pass quality based-%70 i recommend

128 kbps 44100hz


Internet Connection in Linux via Mobile

1.Connect the mobile via USB cable.

2. Open terminal and type su to become root.

3. It will ask for the root password, type in there.

4. Then Issue this command

wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf

Phone would be detected as Modem

5. Then to Edit this file(/etc/wvdial.conf), open it in a Text Editor

vi /etc/wvdial.conf

When we issued command in point 4, it showed the address of ur phone that in which USB port it has been connected. note it down from there.

“Modem = /dev/*****” #<– /dev/ttyACM0 for my sony ericcson k510i

6. When Text Editor opens the file, erase everything from there and Paste the following:

[Dialer Defaults]
Modem = /dev/ttyUSB0 # <– Replace it with the reading you got
Phone = *99#
Username = paul
Password = 1983
Baud = 230400
Init1 = ATZ
Init2 = ATQ0 V1 E1 S0=0 &C1 &D2 +FCLASS=0
ISDN = 0
Modem Type = Analog Modem
Carrier Check = No

The mOdem has been configured successfully.

To dial the internet conenction type


If eerything goes fine it wud say that connected successfully.

Press Ctrl+C to disconnect.