Unassociate File Type in Windows!

For whatever reason if you feel that you need to unassociate or remove the file type association to a program there is a way.

The best way to do it is this without downloading anything:

1) Open up notepad. Type something like “to remove” .

2) Save as, to_remove.exe. File type should be .exe

Note : Please check that you saved it as to_remove.exe & not to_remove.exe.txt . To see there is a double extention or not please uncheck ” Hide extentions of known file types in Organize –> Folder & Search Options –>

3) Right click on the file with that file type you want to unassociate and click Open With –> Choose default program

Browse to “to_remove.exe”  and click “always use the selected program” and click ok.

4) Delete “to_remove.exe”. Not you have unassociated that file type.


Windows 8 ….. How should it be?

This is based on my experience with Windows 8 developer preview. So listing out the shortcomings of an OS that is not even “half baked” is not fair! But when Windows 8 goes gold we want it fully baked we dont want another “mango” to fix everything!

I will list out the shortcomings

1) Metro apps need a close button –

Now we cannot close the  Metro apps we open , OS will do it for us by suspending it freeing the cpu/gpu but its still memory resident. If you open too many apps you will have a terrible time switching the apps to get the one you want ( you can Alt+tab if you have a keyboard). OS will terminate the suspended app when in need of memory and finds inactivity. But what if the user intends to have it running and os terminates that app. Now the only option to close an app is through the task manager which is not so friendly to the fat finger! Metro apps need close button!

2) A multitasking view of the metro apps –

A multitasking view of all running/suspended apps (see nokia N9’s multitasking interface for meego) will make app switching more easy , also give a clear perspective of the apps. Stephen Elop is still there he will give you the interface he he….

The multitasking view should also have close buttons for apps.

3) Improved Windows 7 start menu  & equal importance to traditional ui-

The traditional ui is equally important as the metro ui. Windows is the largest ecosystem for desktop/laptop form factors. App base that windows enjoying currently is the traditional apps. Metro is completely chromeless… But as jensen harris said applications like photoshop needs to have chrome .. There are many applications that fall into the same category. Many applications have a long history to tell,got refined through years of development just like you did with windows ! You/we are new in the metro scene & a refined awesomeness in traditional platform which is your strength. We may also need an app that do a bunch of mediocre things for the next 6 years atleast.

I believe  metro is not the future, “Metro/platform & Windows traditional ui/platform are the future” .

Giving equal importance to both. We should have an improved start menu of Windows 7 in windows 8. We should have a complete Metro experience and a complete traditional experience and not in between.Associate windows key with metro start screen. But when clicking start button should pull up the start menu (win 7 style). May be we can have another gui button in the desktop to take us back to metro like we have the desktop tile in metro ui.

It is always better to give best of both worlds. Remember the success of amd-64/x64 over IA-64 in the consumer space.

4) We need Ribbon UI but in office 2010 style –

 I am “for” the ribbon ui. But please make it visually appealing like Microsoft office 2010 suite, the 2007 look we have now seems dated.

5) Presence of  Apps in their respective interfaces –

Now we have the presence of traditional apps in the metro ui as it is getting pinned to the start screen. Let the metro apps stay in Metro and traditional in traditional.

6) Change but dont make the end users alienated –

” People resist change” . But for innovations, changes are inevitable. By making the end users traditional ui available in its entirety and metro ui in its entirety seems reasonable. When should they converge? Let the people get used to the metro. Let the store gets filled with 1 million metro apps. Then slowly converge. May be in windows 9!

I am not a developer and this is an end user perspective of a developer preview!

Pros :

1) Metro ui is so fluid,immersive.

2) Metro will bring forward apps that do few specific tasks than do a bunch of mediocre tasks,

3) Yes metro is the future

Is apple’s success favourable for windows 8

As we all know apple rose to its prime recently with iphone, ipad and  making those users successful salesmen and  also get the macbooks . Apple is still lingering with an extremely low market share in the desktop/laptop segment while windows enjoys a “lions” share. But coming to the tablet space Apple rules the segment. The current market condition is that there is no tablet market there is only ipad market.

 Apple as a company revolves around one great man “Steve Jobs”. Looking back to the history apple was going through a terrible time when steve jobs was not there under the leadership of Gil Amelio.

“Apple is like a ship with a hole in the bottom, leaking water, and my job is to get the ship pointed in the right direction” this is what Gil Amelio said about apple. And Steve Jobs had to fix the whole mess apple was in. He not only fixed it but made it one of the richest companies in the world with a huge fan following and was able to create a “class apart” aura to its products!

How this will create a favourable situation for windows 8?


Samsung,acer,lenovo, (android),Hp(webos) and many more tried their luck in tablet space but didnt go anywhere till date. When windows 8 comes which obviously will be the largest ecosystem in the planet all these companies will launch the biggest marketing campaign in the history. Apple has the advantage of being first in the market and microsoft has the advantage of being “late” in the market.

Windows 8… Do you still care? Yes… I do…

Windows 8… Do you still care? Yes… I do…
When someone asked Steve balmer what is the biggest risk that microsoft is going to take.. He said the next version of windows.. Windows 8 brings the biggest change in the user interface of windows since windows 95. But the biggest risk involved in that is that “people resist change”.and that is human nature.
Windows Everywhere…
In the windows 8 keynote… there was a strong emphasis on windows everywhere on all form factors. This is a bold move to bring one os to all the devices around you. The reception to this statement was somewhat mixed. Windows 8 Touch UI is praised for its tile interface, gesture features and touch first approach to the most widely used OS in the world, but that was only for the touch based devices.
What about the traditional desktop do we need the touch ui? What about tablets do we need the traditional desktop ui? 
Isnt it awkward leaning towards  monitor of your desktop for the touch XPerience provided you’ve got a touch lcd panel?
But here is my take on the above skeptic questions… The OS UI change will bring out the innovations that are hiding somewhere in the labs of the hardware manufacturers.. You will see a tilted screen full touch in front of you with the onscreen keyboard.. Dont think of traditional desktops.. We will see new devices, new form factors and this OS will drive innovations.
One Big Ecosystem!
In Desktops/Laptops we have huge windows ecosystem, a small linux ecosystem ( Oh my god its too fragmented with flavours) , and apple in between.
In the smartphone arena we have a huge android ecosystem, huge ios ecosystem,a budding Windows phone 7 ecosystem & dying mammoth symbian and many more like meego that is in the verge of an abortion , & the Blackberry OS.
In Tablets we have huge ios ecosystem. Andoid for tablets are not going any where till now.
Windows 8 plans to bring 1 big ecosystem in all form factors. Microsoft plans to attack from the top (Desk/Lap tops) to the bottom tablets/smartphone and google/apple will/are attacking the top segment. We will see more unification in the smart phone os in the next iteration of the windows phone.
Windows 8… Do you still care? Yes… I do…

[Solved] Videos Stuttering in media players with Firefox 4.0 Hardware Acceleration enabled!

Firefox 4.0 just introduced the Direct2d/Directwrite/Direct3d10 composting aka hardware acceleration for the browser, But what happens after browsing for an hour or so with 30+ tabs open like me (sorry i am a tabber) the vram (Graphics card dedicated memory) is getting used up completely by our beloved firefox. But even if you close the tabs you wont recover it back…

this lack of memory makes the video stutter especially with  DXVA.

So to flush the gpu memory out :

1) just open an HD video file with Windows media player 12 & close it

(This just freed/flushed out the firefox from  GPU memory)

2) Now open your Video with your favorite mediaplayer (Arcsoft TMT3+/MPCHC/VLC) & Enjoy smooth fluid video playback…

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Artificially Raise Your Windows Experience Index for Windows 7

When you first install and run Windows 7, it will calculate your Windows Experience Index score to evaluate your computer’s speed and graphics capabilities. Microsoft defines the Windows Experience Index as the following: “The Windows Experience Index is a new feature built into Windows 7 that is designed to help you better understand how well Windows 7 and other software will perform on your PC.

Your computer, running Windows 7, is assigned a rating number called a “base score” that is achieved by measuring the capability of your computer’s hardware configuration. This base score rating will help you to more confidently buy additional hardware, programs, and software that are matched to your computer’s base score.”

WEI has been a point of contention for many Windows 7 users because the WEI scores tend to be extremely low. Unfortunately, some software requires your WEI score to be above a certain threshold for all the features to work. Fortunately, it is easy to artificially raise your WEI score by modifying the configuration file.

Note : For doing thing you should be logged in as adminintrator (Or should be able to take ownership of a file or folder, to know how to take ownership of a file or folder go to)

1. The first step is to check your current score. In order to check your WEI score, go to to Start >> Computer >> System Properties >> Performance Information and tools

2.Navigate to the following directory: C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT\DataStore

Then delete all the files in that folder.

3.Re-run the assessment.

4.You will see your recent score in Start >> Computer >> System Properties >> Performance Information and tools.

5.Navigate to the following directory: C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT\DataStore

right click 2010-01-22 Formal.Assessment (Initial).WinSAT.xml(date will be your    system date and time at the point of rerunning assessment) and open with wordpad.

Open it with wordpad….

The scores are the values written in the marked portion. The system score 3.4, memory score 4.5….

We edit those to our needs ….

The end result….

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Happy computing>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Easy Workaround : Safely Remove an external hard disk/USB Thumb drive in Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Powering down USB-powered external hard disk in Vista/7

USB-powered external hard disk In Vista/7, even after safely removing USB-powered external hard disk will not work in the same way as the safe removal would do in Windows XP. What it won’t do is powering down the hard drive(Hard Disk Wont spin down in vista/7). You will notice this when you unplug the USB cable, because of the clickin sound coming from the hard disk, similar to the one you would hear if the power supply got suddenly cut off.


1) Download WD Drive Manager(PC) From Downloads section of http://support.wdc.com/

2) Install the WD Drive Manager(PC)

The next time before you disconnect the western digital hard drive Just right click the WD tray icon and safely remove. The hard disk will spin down.




Solution: [Steps made easy for you]

1) Goto http://sg.danny.cz/sg/sdparm.html and download sdparm.exe for windows.

2) Goto http://ccollomb.free.fr/unlocker/ and Download and install  the latest version of  the Unlocker software  (Version 1.8.9 or above) in the path C:\Program Files\Unlocker (default path)

3) Copy the already downloaded sdparm.exe to C:\Windows\System32.

4) Download the spindown batch file

http://www.mediafire.com/file/ztqyz0zeyhy/SAFELY REMOVE EXTERNAL HD.rar

5)  Copy and place the safely remove external hd batch file in the desktop

6) For windows vista/7 : Right click the batch file and run as administrator

7) Enter the drive letter of the external hd when the batch file asks for it.

8) Hard disk will spin down. Now pull the cable of the hard disk!!!

Note :

a) Do not use the windows safely remove option as it will spin up the hard disk again!!!

b) If you have multiple partitions on the external hard disk put any  one of the external hard disk’ s partitions drive letter

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