Where will nokia N9’s user interface go? to windows phone 7?

What nokia has achieved  in the UI for the nokia n9 meego is mind blowing. We can only say one thing “the best multitasking on a mobile device… ever”. But the sad part is the lack of ecosystem for the meego. There is a  lack of commitment to meego by nokia as it is committed to windows phone 7. Meego is becoming a platform for nokia to showcase its innovations.

My belief is that the swipe multitasking ui will find its way to windows phone! One thing that steven elop said is that the innovations that nokia has made in nokia n9 will live on ! Given the strong relationship between microsoft and nokia i feel that soon we will see this multitaking approach in Windows phone!


Much Awaited Flash x64 / 64 bit is here…

64 bit OS has been  mainstream for 5 years now ( well i didnt include windows xp x64 as the adoption rate was not that great) and now the situation is different the majority of PC’s sold today are running 64 bit Windows 7 compared to the x86 / 32 bit version. Now OEMs are bundling windows 7 x64 and can utilise the potential of 4GB + RAM as we all know 32 bit OS can only utilize 3.5 GB of ram without PAE(physical address extention).

Adobe’s main crticism was that it was not havin Adobe Flash Player  64 bit ,which will hold back the use of 64 bit browsers.

“However, now with the Adobe flash 64-bit developer preview AKA Flash Player “square” is released in September 2010, this criticism is now addressed”

Here is the link for the x64 Flash Player ” square Page” : http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html

Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyy 64 bit computin and 64 bit browsin……