Stop innovating on Water Damage Detection & make the phone water proof….

The tech world is crazy… It is insanely fast in innovation and extremely good at packing more and more transistors onto the silicon in the valley. Smartphone is one device that saw extreme progress in the last 10 years but they where busy bumping up the GHz,Megapixels,Resolution,Screen size,Memory… I recently read that Apple is working on improving the already existing water damage detection in iPhone to reduce false warranty claims by customers.. Pathetic…. This is something that global leaders like Apple,Nokia,Samsung,RIM,Sony Ericsson, Google (Motorola) should learn from the Japanese. Water proof devices are much common in Japanese market.Instead of innovating on Water Damage Detection they made hardware innovation and made devices that are water proof.

Thank god these weren’t the players in the watch (the time machine) business. Then we would still be wearing time machines that stops pumping out time during rain / or after a hand wash.

Fujitsu showcased an aquarium with water proof phones and tablets (arrow) in CES 2012.Others “should follow”.

Mobile Phones / to an extend tablets should be water/dust proof as they are always with you and humans go near water.

Please tell me honestly do you want a quad core or settle for dual core but water proof phone?..

Hate when we hear service guy say that “our ultra modern water detector detected water damage and so no warranty for you”. Also hate to hear that ooops phone cracked it cant survive 3 feet fall. Guys we need some serious hardware innovation here.

So why this rant? One of the global leaders  in smartphone business i mentioned above  denied warranty , they detected water damage that too within one week of the purchase….  The next time you go to the service center the customer should be in command even if the device is not working due to water damage..