The beauty of the metro…… USA TODAY app

When Microsoft pressed on the beauty of the metro,the minimalistic approach of the ui , atleast some were skeptical about the aesthetic value of the design language. When Microsoft released Windows 8 consumer preview on 29-Feb-12, a far more baked product compared to what was released as a developer preview which often required killing of the apps the “task manager way”..

When we talk about the aesthetics of the metro one of the 64 applications that was released on the windows store demands appreciation.I am talking about the USA TODAY app, the way the news is presented to the people weren’t this beautiful all along the human history. As most of the apps are a preview version they have not unleashed its full potential or even showed off its beauty. 

The news is presented so beautifully so that it is asking to be read and makes you feel eyegasmic.

Now we understand the metro is beautiful as time progresses making the new design ui and the WIN RT runtime to be more mature and capable without losing the minimalism in the design approach.

Also to be mentioned is that some apps are poorly implemented, some not enabling mouse scrolling otherwise would have made the life mush easier for desktop mouse users. There are few minor glitches here and there and are to expected at this early build!!!

My full windows 8 consumer preview review is on the way.By the time windows 8 go gold it will be an excellent tablet OS (touchscreen ) and good desktop/laptop OS (rat & keyboard)….