Recommended default action in windows 8 defender – Making windows defender in windows 8 complete!

With Windows 8 , Microsoft has made a radical change in its approach on the operation system. Its true that the OS is in a not so beautiful transitional phase. Its embracing future interface, a modern one. But keeping desktop with the modern ui giving the twin personality is not easily digestible to some. But people resist change , and that is what made windows successful and the reason for its recent criticism. Letting aside the UI changes , there is universal agreement that the the underlying architecture of the OS has improved a lot , that includes boot speeds-  using fast boot technique, Security – with promoting windows defender as a complete antivirus, windows smart screen ( smart screen or common sense , i think the latter is enough)….

Windows defender:

Before Windows 8, Windows Defender featured anti spyware capabilities. It included a number of real-time security agents that monitored several common areas of Windows for changes which may be caused by spyware.

In Windows 8, Microsoft upgraded Windows Defender into an antivirus program comparable to Microsoft Security Essentials. This new Windows Defender greatly resembles Microsoft Security Essentials and uses the same virus definition signatures.


As part of the minimalism Microsoft  made  all OS maintenance tasks being extremely silent , mostly invisible to or less intrusive to the user. Let the user use the pc for the realization of his creativity  and not to make the end user an IT pro just to maintain  his workstation in a fair condition.

But for windows defender it went a little too lean.Being less visible to the user. This time Microsoft took out the Default actions setting from the program. Now the defender takes the recommended action  (remove,quarantine,allow) automatically based on the severity of the alert. Tray icon is also removed. Microsoft has previously done the the same act of removing “Automatically do the Default actions” but the team later revised the decision and brought it back.

Windows defender/Microsoft security essentials do have the reputation detecting very less false positives, but that is with a cost of reduction in actual detection rate of zero day threats compared to vendors like avast,avira etc as per the AVTEST.

Still we cannot guarantee that windows defender wont generate false positive. The alerting mechanism used by windows defender in windows 8’s toast notifications are such a away that there is a possibility of missing alerts  when you are not in front of the pc. I also do not want defender to quarantine files on the fly. I would like an interactive way. Most power users would love that. So how to make that happen.

1) Open Policy editor and navigate to

2) Computer Configuration ==> Administrative Templates ==> Windows Components ==> Windows Defender :

3) Enable “Turn off Routinely Taking Actions”

Enable this policy and windows defender now waits for your input before before taking the action.

Enable this policy and windows defender now waits for your input before before taking the action.