Windows Phone User Voice Feed Forward! (updated)

Update : As Many of the features i mentioned here where in fact added , in latest iteration of windows phone.

Microsoft opened Windows Phone User voice page at for users to give their feed forward so that Microsoft can accept ideas and improve windows phone Apollo / “Next” .

Here is the list of features that i believe should be baked into the Windows Phone code and will make it perfect for me.

1) Enable USB Storage : (Added in Windows Phone 8)

We should be able to use windows phone as a USB storage device. Just like the old “Use as a mass storage device mode” in Nokia phones. So we can use a pc to copy music,data and organize easily with file explorer.

2) A File Manager and a shared file system : (Still waiting for this)

Windows mobile had it, Windows phone  should have it.

The whole purpose of organizing the files in a folder structure is served only when we have a file manager in phone and a shared file system like we have on the desktop sibling.

3) Serious Multi tasking  like we saw in Nokia N9 

 Now this phone has the best multi tasking experience ever on a mobile device. As stephen elop said  this innovation should live on… hmmm may be in Windows phone.

4) Close button for running apps in Multitasking menu : 

Now apps are suspended and cannot be closed. We would like to have a close button for apps like we have in ios/Nokia n9 Meego in the multitasking menu.

5) Bluetooth file transfer : (Added in windows phone 8)

Okay we know that cloud is the future. But this does not necessarily remove the need for bluetooth file transfer that will enable users to transfer the files to not only smartphones but also to feature phones.

6) Skype integration : 

Now with MS Owning Skype. This is coming. A deep integration to the OS is what we need.

7) Sync directly with Outlook :

Okay cloud is the future. And we should have this. Syncing directly with outlook than through the cloud. If symbian can have it. Windows phone can have it.

8 ) Hot swappable Expansion Memory card : (Added in windows phone 8)

There should be OS support for hot swappable hot swappable Expansion Memory card.

9) Allow other browsers :

Let there be browser wars in the windows phone arena. Let them come up with plugins/addons and even with an alternate search engine…. Oops did i say it?..

10) Full support for portrait & landscape mode across the OS ! :

Like windows 8 a full support for portrait & landscape mode across the OS will increase productivity and will give the os a more “ergonomic feel”.

11) Add VPN Support :

If you are eager for consuming some market ground that RIM loses in the enterprise space VPN support will be an advantage for you.

12) NFC support : (Added in windows phone 8)

I know that is coming. And we need it. The near field communication!

13) Support for FM transmitter :

Okay this came from a nokia fan. FM transmitter is actually a cool feature to look out. Can i ask apple about this? Or may be they will give a transmitter without receiver hee hee…

14) Notifications Center:

A swipe to a page that give all the notification in one single page.

15) Control ringtone and media volume separately:

This has got to be there. Just consult with your windows 8 (desktop os , sorry 1 os for all form factors) team to know hot to do it.

16) Orientation lock :

I cannot believe how this is not there. A simple toggle that locks phone into landscape or portrait mode.

17)  Block calls and sms from specified numbers (blacklist):

These kind of seemingly undervalued “good” features baked into the os will trigger market response.

18)  More visibility to the OS file system:

okay, this is how you make power users happy. An in built tool that is more detailed than Nokia’s storage check, where we can drill down further to see what’s inside infamous “other storage section” , better storage management, ability to clear temp files completely.

19) Support for wider range of processors , let the spec war begin:

We know that window phone is efficient in resource management (except storage) and is fluid in limited hardware (okay benefits for battery consumption), but let the oems complete , at least some consumers do look at those numbers.